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Welcome to the exciting world of the "Hypo-Allergenic" Siberian breed of Russian cats

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About Us

We are Crystal Siberians, a respected, small cattery in Mankato, Minnesota. We started our cattery for several reasons; the first and foremost reason was our first Forest cat, "Tiggy" a brown male mackerel tabby. For years people who met him were instantly captivated by his personality and charm. They fell in love with him and even people who were not fond of cats in general fell under his spell. I did not know what breed he was for sure, since he was a rescue from the animal shelter. I decided to do some research and soon discovered Siberians. I realized he could not be Siberian, but he could be another type of forest cat. People were always asking where they could get a cat just like him. No-one could find any in our area, so I started thinking what it would be like to be able to provide kittens for these people. 

Secondly, I have owned many cats over the last 45 years and found this breed to be one of the best to live with. Thirdly, my husband is allergic to other cats and so I could not have them in the house, once we found out about the hypoallergenic Siberians, not only can we have a house cat, the idea was brought up to start a Siberian cattery. Last but not least, we love cats!!!!

Crystal Siberians treats all it's cats as family members, we keep our Queens and kittens in the house. The Males, once they hit maturity, are moved to their permanent quarters in our heated indoor kennel with outdoor habitat. We strive to socialize all our animals to be comfortable in many conditions. They are constantly played with and taught behaviors and tricks. 

Our Cattery name evolved from the rare qualities that the Siberian Breed exibit, just as rare gems have many facets. Each Siberian was a gem and thus the name, Crystal Siberians. 

We had determined that only the best (Siberian) bloodlines, direct from Russian would be good enough for the genetic qualities that we wanted to cultivate in our kittens. (see pedigrees on the cats page)

Our first Stud, Dauria's Gay-Uliy,was imported directly from Moscow, Russia to our cattery in Mankato, Minnesota. He is a Black Mackerel Tabby, His parents are from the oldest catteries in Russia,  Ashtau-Siberiada from 4 generations of World Champion bloodlines.

Our first Queen, Valenvic's, Berta,  is a Silver Black mackerel tabby from Moscow, Russia, also from 4 generations of ICh, WCh, and GI Champions.

We started with 6 queens and 2 studs, all from Russia! Visit our "Queens & Sires"  Page for more info.